Win A Supernova I9 7980XE Extreme PC

Win A Supernova I9 7980XE Extreme PC

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Skill Competition To Win A Supernova I9 7980XE

From £0.70

This competition is for a Supernova Intel Core I9 7980XE Extreme Overclocked PC

This PC combines a multitude of cherry-picked components that come together in this class leading Goliath. Whatever you need a system to do, this can do it faster than the rest.

This system uses record-breaking ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Edition X299 enthusiast chipset motherboard, which is water-cooled for maximum stability. This motherboard is fully featured and rock stable when pushing a mass of components to their absolute max frequency in a stable manner. The system houses an Intel i9-7980Xe 18 core, 36 thread, CPU which is overclocked to the maximum stable clock of 4.6GHz. These CPUs are the ultimate consumer powerhouse and eat today's heavy workloads for breakfast and are especially good in multi-threaded tasks such as rendering and encoding.

The RAM in this system is a massive 128GB of handpicked 3200MHz DDR4. The ICs on these kits tune well for efficiency as well as matching well with the aesthetics of the ASUS motherboard. This gives the CPU all the bandwidth it needs to complete your tasks faster than ever before.

The graphics power in this system is provided by two of Nvidia's flagship cards, the RTX 2080Ti, configured in SLI (NV-Link) which are water-cooled and pre-overclocked. These cards feature an insane amount of memory bandwidth, enabling everything, at any resolution. We're talking any number of monitors – and ready for 4k screens too!

Storage is brought to you via a Samsung 970 PRO Polaris 1TB M.2 2280 PCI-e 3.0 x4 NVMe Solid State Drive capable of transfer rates in excess of 3500MB/s. This ensures fast loading of programmes and instant response of the operating system. In addition to this, we have a combined 1.5TB of Samsung 860 Pro Series Solid State Drive for all of your games and applications. This is all backed up by 2x 6TB drives configured in RAID 1 to ensure that you never lose any of your most important data!

- Hand built OcUK's Top Ranked Master Builder and tuned by the World's #1 Overclocker.
- Each 8Pack system is individually numbered and signed.
- Customisable colours and flexible specification which you can discuss with 8Pack prior to ordering.
- Dedicated after sales support from 8Pack himself.

A truly bespoke extreme performance PC for those who demand the absolute best!

Prize RRP: £13,999
Cash Alternative: £11,200

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  • Win A Supernova Intel I9 7980 XE
  • Worth £14,000
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  • Win A Supernova Intel I9 7980 XE
  • Worth £14,000
  • Use Your Skill To Win

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