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Some of the cars others are playing for right now.

From £1.82
Win A Lotus Elise Sport 220

Skill Competition To Win A Lotus Elise Sport

Win the fantastic Lotus Elise Sport 220. The new Elise Sport is all about agility. Going back to Lotus’ roots, this latest Elise uses a small, light supercharged 1.8 litre engine putting out 215 bhp, but it only has 945 kg to haul around so you get outstanding performance. ...

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From £3.78
Win A Lamborghini Huracan Evo + £100k

Skill Competition To Win A Lamborghini + £100k

After a long run, it was time for Lamborghini to inject a little life in the little bull and now we have it – the Huracan Evo RWD. Normally the Huracan is AWD, but this removes that safety net, replaced by raw driving pleasure and excitement. To the casual observer there is very ...

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From £2.59
Win A Honda Civic Type-R GT + £30k

Skill Competition To Win A Civic Type-R GT + £30k

The Honda Civic Type-R is one of the most popular and well-loved cars in the weekly Dream Car Skill Competitions thanks to the engaging driving experience, powerful engine, and crazy looks, but time moves on and Honda had to replace the old model. So did they change the formula? ...

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From £2.33
Win A Jaguar F-Type P300 R-Dynamic

Skill Competition To Win A Jaguar F-Type

Skill competition to win a Jaguar F-Type P300 R-Dynamic. Jaguar launched the F-Type in 2013 to critical acclaim, and when the Coupe was launched a year later the world fell in love all over again as somehow it was even more beautiful than the convertible. The sleek roofline ta...

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From £2.84
Win An Audio RS5 Sportback

Skill Competition To Win An Audi RS5

Out goes the 4.2 litre V8 and in comes a 2.9 litre twin turbo V6 (also seen in the new Porsche Panamera 4S). Thankfully it still produces the same 444bhp, but there’s more torque and this new RS5 is lighter than the predecessor too which means performance is brisker. 0-62mph t...

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From £6.33
Win A Porsche 911 Turbo S

Skill Competition To Win A Porsche 911

Sitting at the top of the 911 tree since the 1970’s, the Turbo has always meant epic performance and wild looks. This Turbo S is as good as it gets and is the ultimate do-everything supercar. Now under that rear engine cover sits an all-new 3.7 litre flat-six twin turbo lum...

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Recent Winners

See who won the dream car competitions recently

David wins Jaguar Lister Stealth + £70k
David from Manchester, UK
Won the Jaguar Lister Stealth + £70k

Dream Car Winner 559
21-DEC TO 27-DEC-20

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Tom wins Audi ABT RS3 + £120k
Tom from Lancashire, UK
Won the Audi ABT RS3 + £120k

Dream Car Winner 558
14-DEC TO 20-DEC-20

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Anastasio wins Honda e Advance + £70k
Anastasio from Epsom, UK
Won the Honda e Advance + £70k

Dream Car Winner 557
07-DEC TO 13-DEC-20

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Darren wins Ford Fiesta ST-2 + £50k
Darren from Wigan, UK
Won the Ford Fiesta ST-2 + £50k

Dream Car Winner 556
30-NOV TO 06-DEC-20

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