Win a Vintage Electric Scrambler S

Win a Vintage Electric Scrambler S

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Skill Competition To Win An Electric Scrambler S

From £0.35

This competition is to win a Vintage Electric Scrambler S

Built to explore, the Scrambler S is best experienced on the dirt. The rugged suspension fork combined with the terrain taming Schwalbe Nobbles means you can hit the trails hard and fast. Its fiendish power will take you to new places, and the massive battery means you can get lost with confidence.

The Vintage Scrambler is a wolf in wolf's clothing. It's without question the most capable bike ever built by Vintage Electric. While the soul of this e-bike lies in the nostalgic and storied aesthetic, the heart of the scrambler is in its massively powerful 1123Wh lithium battery. Not only is the Scrambler S equipped to beat the beaten path, it's fully capable of going the distance. Boasting this huge battery means you can travel up to 75 miles off one charge!

Paired with a thumb throttle and 5 levels of pedal assist, it's mild when you need it, and wild when you want it. With the torquey rear hub motor, you can shred through the elements at 36mph (race mode and private property only). The hydro-formed aluminium frame is dressed in stunning matte black paint, which is crowned with a mesh-protected trail ready LED front light.

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  • Win a Vintage Electric Scrambler S
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  • Win a Vintage Electric Scrambler S
  • Worth £7000
  • Use Your Skill To Win

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