RelaxoPet Pro For Dogs

RelaxoPet Pro For Dogs

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Pet Relaxation Training

From £69.90

Do you have an anxious dog? This device is for them.

The RelaxoPet Pro dog relaxation trainer is the ideal solution to influence your furry friends' brain and the stress reaction stored within in a subtle and hardly noticeable way.

It is a compact sound module that uses deep vibrations to provide deep relaxation for your dog.

All RelaxoPet Pro relaxation trainers have an individual sound carrier track that is precisely tailored to the respective auditory sense of dogs. These vibrations are hardly or not at all perceptible to the human ear, but have a highly effective effect on the subconscious of your four-legged friend.

They can be used to reassign certain fear-related stressful situations in your pet(s) and to link it with something positive. The stressors are reprogrammed to a certain extent. To do this, the sound module is simply switched on before the anxious situation occurs. The animal is then already in a relaxed state and less stress hormones are released in the upcoming situation.

RelaxoPet Pro's are not comparable with conventional, commercially available relaxation sounds for animals.

This is a top quality product built on quality German Innovation.

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  • RelaxoPet Pro Dog Trainer Module
  • Dog Relaxation Training
  • High Quality German Inovation

Important Details

RelaxoPet Pro Dog Relaxation Trainer at a glance:

Loud Speaker for great surround sound

Integrated sound wave electronics with audible and inaudible sound waves

15 volume settings

High quality LI battery technology | wireless

Suitable for Indoor and outdoor use.

Audible / inaudible sound waves
Battery USB Flat charging cable
PRO timer Function (4H / infinity)
3-fold battery indicator Power indicator
Micro USB charging port
Quick Reference Guide
Can be used to help with the following:

Aggressiveness, Anxiety, Settling in a rescue dog,destructive behaviour, Fireworks and Thunderstorm sensitivity hyperactivity, lack of socialisation , Vet visits, travel anxiety, separation anxiety, constant barking.

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Key Information

  • RelaxoPet Pro Dog Trainer Module
  • Dog Relaxation Training
  • High Quality German Inovation

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