Save those cherished moments for the future

Save those cherished moments for the future

Save those cherished moments for the future

Published By GBD on 15 May 2020 22:50:21

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has created a forever lasting memory

For most of us, the last couple of months has seen us stay at home with our families during this unprecedented global crisis. Families large and small, spending the majority of their time together, whether sat next to each other at home on the sofa, or on the end of a video call, but without a doubt together, in this unusual and somewhat challenging new way of life.

Our place is marked in history, for 2020 will always be remembered for the devastating events that are occurring.

But out of this crisis, one thing is for sure, we have made some everlasting memories with the ones we love. From the millions of TikTok videos made and watched, the Zoom calls with all our families and friends or doing P.E. in the mornings with Joe. Not forgetting all those moments where we have had to come up with something creative and new to keep the kids entertained during this uncertain time.

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Save the memories you make forever
Save the memories you make forever

This is how 2020 should be remembered, the COVID-19 crisis has brought us all together.

From all the keyworkers going out and fighting to keep us all safe, fed and well, to all the people entertaining us whilst we spend our days at home within our four walls.

We should cherish all the wonderful moments that we have made during these hard times, so that we remember all the love we shared with one another, and to make our place in history a future memory. A memory that is not buried deep within the harshness brought on by the crisis, and forgotten in time.

Create A Lockdown Album

Create A Lockdown Photo Album
Create A Lockdown Photo Album

One sure way to save these moments we all share together is to create a special 'lockdown' photo album.

Gather some of the best photos you have taken whilst we have been social distancing and get them printed in a beautifully presented photo book.

When we remember 2020 for the unquestionably heartbreaking time it has been for many families who have lost loved ones, we can still remember all of the good that came from our time staying at home. This time, for many has been valuable time spent with their families which they would never have had if the restrictions imposed on us were not in place.

It is saving these memories that will make 2020 a year remembered for bringing us all together.

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